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Hello everyone

I'm a Brazilian student working on a school project about ancient Athens and Sparta. I'm eager to gain insights from individuals who have a connection to Greek culture.

I'm particularly interested in learning about the daily life, values, and traditions of both Athens and Sparta from the viewpoint of modern Greeks.

If you're willing to share your thoughts, experiences, or any resources that might be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it. Your contributions will undoubtedly enhance my project.

Feel free to start sending memes, images, videos, or any content related to the topic if you'd like. Your input is welcome and appreciated.

I don't speak english, i use google translator. If this part is hard for read is for i don't speak english and i use only my english level on her this.

Thank you for reading and for your help, if possible.

Tomorrow I'll come back here and answer you, if anyone has it.

ajuda eu a fazer o bagulho man, manda uns meme de channer grego pa nois acrescenta nos slide kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


athens is fag capital and sparta is a ghost town


Unfortunately modern Greeks live shitty American-bred lifestyles and have nothing to do with ancient Greek tradition, morals and customs. You will get a better understanding from research and youtube than from any modern Greek


Where did you learn about our website?


>>105508 fag capital? LOL, i don't know exactly happen is this places after so many years but apparently have BIG changes.
If you know something more about this, pls talk with me.


oh, understand. I am are interested on memes, edits, images and any other cultural content of ancient Athens and Sparta. Like those videos that represent these ancient things in a humorous way, like those that use "This is sparta!" and the memes of the ancient Greek art.
This here is a chan. And most of the best memes on the internet come from places like this, most of the time, but apparently the content I'm looking for isn't produced by Greeks, much less in places like this.
Thanks anyway, I'll see if I can find something interesting on YouTube like you said. Otherwise I'll have to do it myself haha, but thanks!


Well, i are search for places to talk with greek people. And, in many times, the best memes of the internet comes from chans.
So, I came here to look for memes made by Greeks about ancient Greece.
Apparently I'm not going to find exactly what I want here, but I've got some direction on how to find it.
This place looks cool, I'll probably pop in from time to time.
And that's it.


This video explains everything




KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK bro this is the best video if i have see of the content of i are search. This is funny, cool, and this is useful. Thank you for this masterpiece. I definity will put this in the classroom tomorrow.


WTF KKKKKKKKK???? Ok, this is a Greek meme, and this is really cool. Thanks for this.


Spartans are top Tier Hellenes. There were the First society to develop National Socialism. Their Blood is still pure, although they now live in the Mani Penninsula. Golden Dawn was started by Maniots.
Athenians were mostly retarted Classical Liberals, however they Produced Based Counterculture Aristocrats like Socrates and Plato. If Athens had gone the Peloponesian war, then Athens would probably have weakened the Spirit of the Hellenic Race, with its Atheist Liberalism in the form of Sophistry getting gayer and gayer, alongside not letting Macedonia grow into a Major Power. Sparta winning was 100% the best scenario.


This text is very interesting.


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> Their Blood is still pure, although they now live in the Mani Penninsula

> however they Produced Based Counterculture Aristocrats like Socrates and Plato

Socrates was not an aristocrat


He was ideologically.


there is not much of a connection between the ancient culture and nowadays. As many anons have said, it's influenced by the modern west, the western world has projected onto us that WE are the creators of Their culture so therefore we must live like them.
I would say the only things that link us to the said ancient culture is the language which is related, kinda similar ish sort of thing, and maybe some customs in the orthodox church which were taken from the ancient pagan religion.
In terms of Athens it doesn't have anything other than the ruins which culturaly connect it to the ancient city, as a. the local population before it became a big city was mainly arvanites which aren't even greeks, and after it became capital, basically everyone from all parts of the country moved in including from asia minor. in terms of sparta or rather the region of Laconia i'd say there are very weak links to it, as in there is a dialect of the spartan doric language which somehow still survives (tsakonian) if you'd be interested in it. but besides that not much other exists.
in the rest of greece it really is unchanged since ottoman rule or even before that. if you look to macedonia (not the country they have NO link whatsoever to the kingdom of macedonia) they have very little aswell as most are descendents of pontic refugees, and asia minor from the 1920's.

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