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456 No. 456
Leaving this here
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>> No. 457
Αρχείο 150002427234.jpg - (228.17KB , 803x899 , IMG_0524.jpg )
Fat slut
>> No. 458
Αρχείο 150002459418.jpg - (41.92KB , 417x442 , IMG_0678.jpg )
Patience Johnson. Trashy whore who likes being owned and used as a cum dump. Let's any and all drop a fat wad of cum in her or on her whatever you choose. She uses a Baster and sucks it up no matter where it's at. Cum in her asshole? She sucks up shit cum and all and squirts it in her fat putrid womb. I've watched everyone from homeless people to whole gangs of old men fill that whores nasty pussy up. Hell even horses have shot gallons of cum in this fat bitch and she just smiles. She's a freak and something is off in her head.

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