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Αρχείο 150645230515.jpg - (20.25KB , 320x320 , persephonenarra.jpg )
88180 No. 88180
Have any of you heard of this girl?

She is a mentally ill Greek girl from Thessalonica who is obsessed with Asian men and dumped her current Asian boyfriend (guy in picture) to date the "EurasianTiger" guy on Reddit.

She's become something of a notorious "e-celebrity" who expresses her love for Asian men and hatred for White men.

More information:


In her most recent video she claims the Greek police will launch an international investigation to discover who has made mean comments about her online:

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>> No. 88181
why do you care
>> No. 88182
Αρχείο 150647322155.jpg - (948.56KB , 1920x2560 , IMG_7936.jpg )
Είναι ενοχλητική
>> No. 88183
>> No. 88184
Αρχείο 150650480210.gif - (965.60KB , 500x391 , 1446574772743.gif )
Με λίγα λόγια όλη της η ζωή περιστρέφεται γύρω από ένα φετίχ.
>> No. 88186
Wow, it was nothing.
>> No. 88189

no, but i'm already cringing OP, asians are beta nu-male cucks. what ever happened to the stereotype of asians being smart? considering the amount of estrogen from soy products and tofu they eat, no wonder the stereotype of them being smart is false. the only true stereotype about asians is that they have man tits and small dicks. fuckin dumb azns and their dicks that resemble a grain of rice. slanty eyed yellow bastards and autistic weeaboos, whole world of degeneracy.
>> No. 88190
>implying she is attracted to riceniggers because of the smarts
>implying she is attracted to riceniggers because of dick size
>implying she is attracted to riceniggers because of manliness
>implying she cares about any objective criterion of manhood

Some fetishistic racemixers are attracted to race irrespectively of its inherent qualities. For example, riceburner Persephone isn't attracted to Asian men because they're beautiful or smart. She is attracted to them BECAUSE they're Asian. Obsessive fetishists are known for constructing their whole life and identity around their particular fetish. Gay BDSM/Leather community is a good example of that. The fetish is always a first priority for these people, even in their relationships. Now, the problem with Persephone is that she is the only fetishist in the relationship, unlike gay bdsm relationships where both parties are into the fetish. Her partner is essentially a sentient fetish object and sex toy. When you look at pictures like the one OP included in his post, think of the woman as if she were posing with her vibrator, because this is exactly what she's doing.

The thing I can't understand is how come her asian boyfriends not realize they are being used as fetish objects, assuming she changes them as frequently as she changes her tampons. They must either be too stupid to realize this or they are knowingly putting up with her perversion to get the sweet white pussy.

/in english because OP appears to be a foreigner
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